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XYZ Technology

Customer Support Services

At Xyz Technology, we take pride in offering comprehensive support to all our customers. Our services encompass onsite and return-to-base breakdown servicing. Our technicians are available for technical enquiries over the phone and provide remote desktop support when required.

We proudly offer preventative maintenance contracts that keep your colour management systems in tip-top condition. We provide a comprehensive maintenance service that thoroughly checks and services your Datacolor instruments and can supply and install ISO/IEC 17025 certified tiles.

Xyz Technology is dedicated to meeting each customer’s unique needs and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction and reliability across all industries we serve.

Xyz Technology

Paint Store Systems

Partner with Xyz Technology for a Datacolor Paint revolution in your retail paint store! Achieve precise colour matches, streamline dispensing, and enhance customer satisfaction. Elevate your business now!

Paint & Plastics

Experience Datacolor’s tailored colour management solutions for the paint and plastics industries. Achieve precise outcomes, optimise processes, and enhance profits with local support from Xyz Technology. Accurate colour, efficient results.

Mining & Minerals

Drawing on Datacolor’s expertise, spectrophotometers are used in the mining and mineral industry to aid in mineral identification, grading, and consistency. Accurate colour assessment improves quality control throughout exploration and processing.

Ink & Printing

Optimise printing with Datacolor and Xyz Technology. Our tailored colour solutions ensure vibrant and consistent results, streamlining workflows to enhance your printing process for superior and consistent quality.

Textiles & Apparel

Elevate your textile or apparel business with Datacolor’s colour management expertise and Xyz Technology’s local support. Streamline the supply chain, enhance efficiency, and ensure quality through collaborative solutions.


Datacolor collaborates with Xyz Technology locally to provide superior lighting solutions in a range of industries for precise colour evaluation, with seamless implementation and sustained support.

Education & Training

Datacolor and Xyz Technology offer comprehensive training, including onsite, online, and phone options, empowering users in Australia and New Zealand with expert guidance to master colour management effectively.

Food & Beverage

Partnering with Xyz technology, Datacolor is trusted to deliver the food and beverage sector with precise colour management solutions. From packaging to presentation, ensure consistent, appealing visuals for enhanced brand integrity and customer satisfaction.


Unlock vibrant success in cosmetics manufacturing with Datacolor and Xyz Technology. Experience the advantage of a local expert in colour management solutions, ensuring consistent, captivating hues that elevate your brand’s allure and customer satisfaction.

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