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Datacolor Authorised Agent
ColorReader Spectro
Datacolor Spectravision - Benchtop Spectrophotometer
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Datacolor 45

Datacolor 45IR
Datacolor Spectravision - Benchtop Spectrophotometer
Datacolor 20D
Category45/0 and SCI Modes all in One InstrumentSphere-based D/8 Geometry – accurate portable spectro for color measurement45/0 Geometry – accurate portable color appearance measurement0/45 Geometry – ideal for special color and NIR measurementsD/8 Geometry – Designed for Retail Paint store use
Unique FeaturesUltra low cost & light weightHigh repeatability, two dual aperture combinations and same master as Datacolor high end benchtops45G comes with build in gloss meter
45S achieves close correlation to visual assessment
A portable spectrophotometer, a VIS-NIR spectroscopic sensor, and a densitometer; 3-in-1 ideal for the security ink and printing industryHighly accurate measurement of small samples in any location
Color Formulation for retail paint for retail paint
Quality Control
Inter-instrument Agreement –
Reflectance Measurements (CIELAB)
0.15 (avg)
0.25 (max)
0.15 (avg)
0.25 (max)
Density: 0.01 D
Colorimetric: 0.3 CIElab dE*ab
Near IR +/- 0.5 %R (700 to 1000 nm)
0.20 (avg)
20 Read Repeatability on White Tile using Double Flash (CIELAB)0.03 SD / 0.15 Max<0.03 (max)<0.01 (max)N/A0.05 (avg)
IndustriesRetail paint stores looking to sell more paint with ultra affordabilityRetail brands & Textile Mills; Paint and coating, Plastics, cosmetics, flooring, ceramics, furniture and wall covering

Business that requires the highest repeatability and inter-instrument agreement in a Portable sphere instrument, especially as an extension to their benchtop fleet.
Automotive interiors:
Coil coatings;
Footwear brands & suppliers;
Retail hard goods; building materials

Industries where the total appearance of multiple components and/or glossy or shiny materials is important.
Security Ink, printing industryRetail paint stores
Hardware store with paint departments
Big box stores with paint departments
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